Wing Chun vs Boxing: What is all the fuss?

Wing Chun vs Boxing: What is all the fuss?

On searching YouTube you’ll find lots of Wing Chun videos on the subject of Wing Chun vs Boxing. Of course, it is a childish pursuit agreeing which is a better fighting system as both has its merits. Perhaps the fascination of comparing the two combat styles is in the similarity between them. Both forms of combat rely on close quarter hand fighting and are effective for self defence.

However, boxing is a better yardstick to examine the effectiveness of Wing Chun. In this sense, it does provide a practical format in which to compare specific characteristics of Wing Chun. Even attributes such as Timing, Distance Judgment, and Mobility. We have produced a series of Wing Chun videos which examine differing aspects Wing Chun and how it compares to Boxing. The following Wing Chun Videos will give you an idea.

Does Boxing Offer a More Scientific Approach?

While boxing in itself may not helpful in the development of your Wing Chun skills. There is some value to wearing boxing or MMA gloves. Simply having live punches coming towards you induces a different physical and emotional reaction than Chi Sao or Gwor Sao.  Physically it is more tiring and emotionally draining.

On a technical level using boxing or MMA gloves can be a hindrance to the natural seizing and clinching skills of Wing Chun. In fact, it may also provide a false sense of security.  Yet, the problem lies in the physical hindrance of wearing gloves, their size, and that makes it difficult to work on short distance power and efficiency of movement. There is also the risk of Wing Chun practitioners becoming bad boxers by emulating their practices. However, there are benefits to be gained in developing timing, distance control and mobility. Overall, there is no right or wrong approach to training. What counts is your ability to critically consider how you are training with the aim of improving it.

Improving Mobility

Good footwork is key to improving your fighting skills and even your self defence ability. Regardless of what martial art you practice you have to be able to move well. This Wing Chun video introduces how footwork can be enhanced to improve mobility.

Timing and Distance Judgement

In this video we examine how to improve distance judgement when faced with an active mobile attacker that moves freely as in Boxing. The point of this video is to explain how to use your Man Sao to track an attacker and close the distance to strike effectively.

How Wing Chun Deals with Fast Punches

Jabs can be difficult to manage. In the first instance holding your Man Sao forward makes it very difficult at times to defend against a typical jab. This video explains what the problems are and how to solve them with the combination of good Wing Chun footwork.


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