Why Weapon Defence is Pointless without Situational Awareness

Why Weapon Defence is Pointless without Situational Awareness

People often learn to defend themselves against edged weapons. Yet, have you ever considered being attacked with an improvised tool? Logically you are more likely to be attacked with an item that is easily accessible in heat of the moment. This is why people are often stabbed in kitchens. So you need to have a sense of Weapon Situational Awareness. Knowing what objects can be used as a weapon against you will help you defend yourself in a critical situation.

Ordinary items carried every day are just as dangerous as firearms. These things are harder to detect as a threat. Just consider how much damage a fork, screwdriver, keys, or even a pen can do to your body. These items can be a serious risk to your safety. However, don’t despair as your environment will offer some clue as the type of improvised weapons available to you or your attacker.

Bare in mind that knives can puncture. Be aware that there is a subtle difference in how a knife is used compared to a puncture weapon. Understanding this difference may help you better defend yourself. Hence in the second half of this video, I will explain my approach to defending an improvised puncture weapon (read: How to Defend Yourself Against a Weapon?).

So in this video we’re going to look at an incident in which a professional used to dealing with violence was surprised by an improvised puncture weapon. Pay attention as this could happen to you.

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The Different Type of Weapons You Should Be Situationally Aware

There are different types of weapons that you must be aware. Firearms are not the only threat of deadly force. Other risks include:

  • Edged Weapons (such as knives, swords, machetes, razor blades, and box cutters),
  • Puncture Weapons (such as a meat fork, screwdriver, keys, pens, etc.),
  • Blunt Force Weapons (brick, stone, bat), or (in some cases) your attacker’s hands and feet.

Note, Puncture weapons are as deadly as Firearms, Edge, and Blunt force implements, but we rarely discuss this threat in self defence training. When preparing to defend against a sudden violent outburst, we must prepare for any and all of these weapons. While situational awareness is key.  Your second line of defence should be where and how you move and stand when faced with an angry aggressor.

This Video Shows Lack Of Weapon Situational Awareness

The Officers have detained a suspect with a stolen motorcycle. While the officer is placing handcuffs on the suspect, he struggles and tries to make a run for it. In trying to prevent him running away, the officer is focused on restraining one arm of his suspect. He’s unaware of the motorcycle key being held in the suspect’s other hand.

This is a typical problem in trying to regain control under these circumstances. The Officer is unable to manage the risk of the attacker’s free arm. If you don’t pay attention to your attacker’s other arm you will be at greater threat. This is why, when in contact with one arm pay attention to your attacker’s other arm (Read: How to Defend Yourself – Managing Emerging Threats). As you are most likely to be attacked with the other arm when you try to restrain or hold one arm only. Unfortunately, in this instance the suspect attacked the officer with a key lodged in his fist.

What are the Takeaways

Firstly, you have to pay attention to everyday items an aggressor is carrying. Identify the threat in their hands. Weapons can come in all shapes and forms, but the environment may give you a better hint to what tool may be used against you. For example, this guy was just getting off his motorcycle. It’s obvious that his immediate weapons would be his keys, helmet, fists or kicks.

Please watch the video above. In the second half, I do explain the difference between managing an attack against an edged and puncture weapon. Most people would assume that as knives puncture the defence will be the same. This isn’t the case. While the process is similar. There are subtle differences in the detail of managing the threat.

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