Why Train at the London Wing Chun Academy

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

We have been creating the complete martial artist since 1989. Our approach is simple, professional, and unique to our gym. Regardless of who you are we have something for everyone, whether you wish to train for pure self defence, to improve your fitness, or even competitive fighting. The London Wing Chun Academy is a professional centre of martial arts excellence in London.

Our approach is a blend of traditional martial arts and modern fitness training methods that won’t be found anywhere else. Wing Chun is known for its directness and simplicity. However understanding the fine details of the art is a greater part of what makes Wing Chun a successful fighting system. Not only do we offer a high level of knowledge and expertise at the London Wing Chun Academy, but we also have unique training methods that will improve your fitness and self defence ability.

The London Wing Chun Academy

Our gym has lots of fitness and martial arts equipment for you to practice. All students are encouraged to use our equipment (e.g. wooden dummies, wall bags, and heavy bags) to improve. We have found that when students are allowed to practice their martial arts skills on Wing Chun Wooden Dummies or boxing heavy bags they eventually develop a high level fighting skill. Add our unique functional fitness conditioning training that incorporates kettle bell, power bag and battle rope training then you will get the very best martial arts training available. 

We inspire and motivate our members to improve their fitness and ability for self defence. Where else can you find a martial arts gym open 7 days a week offering 150 various martial arts and fitness classes a month manned by professional dedicated instructors. Plus we have a wide range of functional fitness and martial arts equipment that we actually use to instruct our students during classes and this differs from most martial arts gyms. In fact, even joining a gym won’t give you the benefits of our expertise, guidance, and personal training. We will motivate you. 

The London Wing Chun Academy



The London Wing Chun Academy is a martial arts and functional fitness gym based in North London. Open 7 days a week with gym and functional fitness equipment. Our gym provides group fitness and martial arts classes in Wing ChunSan Shou KickboxingBrazilian Jiu JitsuFunctional Fitness, and non contact Fitness kick Boxing. Visit our gym today for a taster class. Get Started Now >>

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