What our students say about us

Here Are Some of the Things Our Students Say About Us

“In the 6 years I have trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu, I have developed on 3 levels. Physically I have become fitter, stronger and healthier. Mentally I have become more self-disciplined, more focused, more determined and more ambitious. And emotionally I have become a calmer and more relaxed person with – I like to think – an accepting and tolerant attitude.

As well as the art itself, I have also made some fantastic friends, been to places as far a field as Hong Kong and China, and I have enjoyed every moment of training in a friendly, professional and progressive environment. One of the great things about it is that I can continue my passion with as much dedication even as my years advance. Long may it continue.”

Neil Cousins, Turnpike Lane, North London


“Although there are many Wing Chun organisations and clubs in the Midlands area, I choose to travel to London every week to train with the London Wing Chun Academy as they teach Wing Chun in the progressive manner which I believe to be good for the development of the style but equally important, for my development as a student of Wing Chun. The Art is taught alongside the modern approach to Wing Chun Kung Fu which makes it, in my opinion the most practical style for street-wise self defence whilst maintaining its artistic roots. I have only found this style of teaching with Sifu Phillips and the UKWCKFA. It suits me best, as I prefer to train with the best and with Sifu Mark Phillips; he is unparalleled in his knowledge, understanding and application of Wing Chun.”
Darren Stevens, Northampton


“I have been training for a number of years, and within the last few weeks have now started training at the London Wing Chun Academy. Over this short period of time my fitness and Wing Chun ability has improved quite a lot. The instructors are easy to talk to and always helpful with even the smallest of problems. In particular, Sifu Mark Phillips knowledge of Wing Chun is outstanding and I have found that he genuinely wants me to progress with my Wing Chun. I would recommend anyone who is thinking of starting Wing Chun or who has been training elsewhere for a while to come along to the London Wing Chun Academy.”
Shaun Galvin, Bedfordshire


“I have been training with Sifu Mark Phillips for nearly 9 years and although I have seen other students who started after me excel in wing chun, I don’t feel any less worthy than they, even though they could and do ‘kick my a**’!!. Like most who train, I have had to balance family life, work life and my training. The training regime at UKWCA allows for that. It’s not pushy to get one to a higher level. It allows you to develop in your own time. It has improved my confidence in tackling tasks, not just from a confrontational situation but even in other mundane tasks. Training Wing Chun has taught me not just to develop my hand speed and other fighting techniques but also one other major skill that I have used in several situations now. That is to stay calm when things go wrong or bad which allows one to think quickly.”
Fanos Santis, Palmers Green, North London


“I had no background in Martial Arts… It has taught me how to be more alert and aware of my surroundings and most importantly it has given me the knowledge and confidence to protect myself. I have been able to achieve this through the support and encouragement I have received from the instructors and students at the London Wing Chun Academy. There are so many aspects to learn which makes it interesting, challenging and rewarding. Having trained for over 2 years now, I am still passionate about Wing Chun.”
Jill Benet, Finchley, London 



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