What do Attackers Look for in a Victim?

What do Attackers Look for in a Victim?

It takes a predatory individual less than seven seconds to select a victim. This makes the decision process practically automatic. Why is this important for you to know? Well, it’s important to know what makes you a target for violence. In other words, to see through the eyes of the predator. What do potential attackers look for in a victim?

So What Do Attackers Look for in a Victim

Your body language has a major effect on being targeted for violence. Basically how you stand, walk, and gaze makes a difference. These characteristics indicate to a predator that you are less capable of defending yourself. You see the way you move suggests you are uncoordinated then you are easily assessed as being a soft target. Less likely to fight back. If you watch the video you will see examples of predatory behaviour that you should try to avoid. You will see the speed of predatory decision making.

Become a Hard Target for Violence

Realistically you may not be able to control your nonverbal signals. Now that you are aware of what a predatory individual is looking for, this gives you some advantage in your self protection. Why not try to incorporate this information into your daily movements, this will influence how you are perceived.

These are some simple Body Language Hacks that could make a difference in being a random target for violence in any town or city. These behaviours are the opposite in what attacker look for in a victim. These are Key body language signals that mark your strength or weakness. Put these things in place and they should turn the BAD GUY’s attention away from you.

How to Avoid Being Targeted by Predators

Personal safety includes the steps you take to prevent yourself from becoming the victim of a crime, so as you go about your day, remember to:

  • Walk in a manner in which you don’t stand out from the crowd. This means that you should pay attention to your Stride. Take confident steps with an open gait.
  • Check your body posture. Stand tall with your shoulders back, chin up. Bend your arms naturally and let them swing as you walk.
  • Be aware. Pay attention to who’s paying attention to you. Basically, build your awareness. Look around as you walk, notice people and things that might seem out of place in your environment.
  • Most importantly of all don’t become paranoid. Most environments that you will transverse are safe enough. Unless you live in a War Zone. So relax and above all stay calm, cool and collected.

It’s not difficult to stand up straight, walk with determination, and be alert to your surroundings. The challenge is to keep it up. This is possible if you can make it a habit in your daily routine.

So when you get an notification on your phone, just ignore it, as it is very easy to get distracted and forget to monitor the environment. The moment your chin drops and your awareness focuses on your screen, you turn into an easy target. Don’t be that target.

Thank you for reading. Good luck.


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