WC4 Self Defence Courses


Membership at GymLab London.

Thank you for choosing to train at the London Wing Chun Academy and congratulations for making it this far.

As a stand alone course this 4 Martial Arts and Fitness package is ideal for a good foundation in Self Defence, but also learning Wing Chun and improving your fitness. You have the option of choosing between StrikeLab Fitness classes, i.e. boxing and functional fitness training or FitLab functional fitness only.

Wing Chun 4 Self Defence Courses cost: £50 online only (£60 in person) per 4 week course. This includes 4 Introductory Wing Chun Classes, Unlimited FitLab, and StrikeLab Fitness Classes, Yoga, and FREE use of the academy gym facilities at any time 7 days a week (see timetable for additional classes and information).

Please note, attendance of fitness classes is optional, so students you are free to choose your own training schedule that suits you. The course is designed so that there is a great deal of flexibility for an individual with a busy lifestyle.

You’re now one step away from improving your fitness, wellbeing, and ability to defend yourself with a single click of your mouse! So add to cart now and start your training with us.