The Truth About Violent Attackers and Self Defence

The Truth About Violent Attackers and Self Defence

Violence in the street (Transitional Spaces) can occur for many reasons. Random acts of violence are rare. Bad guys often think that they’re the heroes of their own story. It’s their narrative that justifies violence. In their mind, they are the victim, and therefore the good guy.

Your role in their drama has been defined. Especially when committing a crime. Fighting back may elicit higher degree of violent retaliation. In this article I will explain the difference between Social and Criminal violence.

You may be wondering why this is important. Understanding how people reason about violence can help you prepare for the intensity of violence. In fact, you will be better equipped to recognise the cues to violent action against you. This will help you defend yourself.

Violent People Often Have a Dysfunctional Mindset

We had a comment on our YouTube channel that there’s no such thing as a good or a bad guy. I have to agree. Good or bad is just a matter of perspective. Yet, how do you understand the reasoning of common criminal behaviour?

Well the Narrative Theory of Criminal Action does offer an insight. It’s basically a model of how criminals may reason. According to this theory, criminals often see themselves as a hero in their own life story. Often reasoning as a victim, they act to right the wrongs against them. This is important to note as it suggests that violence against you is justified. The intensity of violence may be more extreme.

Robbery: An example of dysfunctional mindset

Street Robberies (Muggings) are classic examples of criminal behaviour that vary in the intensity of violence.  Some offenders justify violence by reasoning that they are the victims. They have the power to correct the injustice.

For example, if he’s stealing your money because, he’s due it, because life owes him something. He’s the victim he can’t earn a lot of money quickly. Yet, you have it. Therefore, he has to take it off of him. The problem reasoning is it justifies the level of violence against you. It intensifies their reaction to your self defence. It takes the lid off their violent behaviour. In their mind they’re not doing anything wrong. The guy that they beat up, had it coming. There’s always a reason.

Ego Battles: Issues of Disrespect

Ego and respect are two things that have a major effect on the narrative of the violent encounter. These individuals are likely to respond with violence if their ego is threatened, worst of all when committing a Robbery. So, don’t get into Ego Battles with Bad Guys. For many, RESPECT is a higher currency than money.

Remember his narrative maybe that he sees himself as a Robin Hood character. His ego is entangled in as the hero in his own story. Where violence is justified, disrespect to their honour will not be tolerated. This does suggest clear patterns of behaviour that you can respond.

The Intensity of Violence: Anger

Interestingly, you can actually classify the intensity of violence according to the degree of emotionality. Whether violence is controlled or angry. This is important to know when you have to defend yourself.

You must understand the difference in behaviour if someone’s well prepared for their crime, compared to someone acting out of anger. People that act out of anger are spontaneous in their violent reactions. It could be aggressive. If could be hot, it could be angry. Especially if ego and disrespect are at play.


What’s the Takeaway

Violence against people happens for a reason. Understanding the narrative of violence does help you to diffuse, avoid, even walk away from potential violent confrontations. If you can understand the narrative to the situation you’re dealing with, then it does make it a lot easier for you to walk away.

Although, this is not possible if you are targeted as a victim of a crime. This is why it can be helpful to understand the nature of criminal behaviour if you wish to learn how to defend yourself effectively. Understanding the criminal mindset may help you survive a violent encounter.

When considering how to defend yourself, consider the importance of developing your mindset for self defence. One of the most important things to remember is that the bad guy views you as the villain. In that sense, they will have to fight harder than expected. Even to danger level.

When training your self defence take practical steps to train in a realistic manner. Train in street scenarios that increase your anxiety, pressure, and challenges your fitness. Perhaps puts you in an uncomfortable situation.

Even better, put yourself in a context where the attacker is relentless. You will see if you can survive. I suggest creating a situation in which the attacker is heartless. Then, and only then are we looking at a narrative of violence, the hero versus villain.

Thanks for reading.



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