The London Wing Chun Academy


For the Parents and Guardians of Little Dragons, Under 12s and Under 16s.

This code of conduct applies to all parents/carers of the young students at our Academy. The purpose of it is to promote an ambient environment, positive training experience and longevity of training for students. Furthermore, it is to protect students, parents and LWCA staff from unpleasant experiences at our Academy. We expect all parents to adhere to the guidelines listed below. We thank you for your support.

  1. Ensure that children arrive / are collected punctually for training.
  2. Ensure fees are paid promptly prior to your next monthly training period.
  3. Parents whose children have trained for a few weeks may leave our premises for the duration of the class, particularly parents of ‘Under 12s’.
  4. Parents who wish to remain in the Kwoon during classes should ensure they keep noise to a minimum and not distract the class at any time.
  5. Parents may not sit on the red & black matted class area. Instead, please use the seating provided or the blue mats.
  6. Refrain from sideline coaching. Parents must allow LWCA Instructors to coach without interference.
  7. Parent must not interrupt a class to discipline children. Class discipline is the responsibility of coaches. Instead, you may raise a concern with the coaches, who will take action as needed.
  8. Respect the Academy’s promotion system and do not attempt to inform coaches when your child should be promoted. Please support children who are promoted during a class.
  9. Provide your child(ren) with clean uniform for every class. Suitable uniform may be purchased from any outlet of your choice, within a month of the student’s enrolment.
  10. Ensure that your child observes hygiene & safety policies, i.e. keep nails clipped, no jewellery worn for training, no bare feet in the Kwoon toilets.
  11. Inform LWCA if your child will be absent for an extended period.
  12. Provide LWCA with up-to-date contact details so we may contact you in an emergency.
  13. Support students irrespective of their success or failure, and never criticise or ridicule their performance. Focus on student’s efforts rather than “winning or losing”.
  14. Encourage students to take responsibility for their actions.
  15. Encourage students to respect the instructions and rules set by coaching staff.
  16. Encourage students to practice class material at home, between classes.
  17. Discourage unfair and unsportsmanlike attitudes and behaviour in students.
  18. At competitive events, applaud good play from all participants.
  19. Treat with respect every person associated with the London Wing Chun Academy.
  20. Encourage students to practice humility and teamwork. They are members of a group sharing common goals. We don’t compete against each other for progress; we achieve it as a team.


– The London Wing Chun Academy, 2018.


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