The London Wing Chun Academy to Teach in Crete

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

We are pleased to announce that the head of our team Dr Mark Phillips has been invited to Chania, Crete to teach a two day seminar on Wing Chun and San Shou (San Da) Kickboxing on behalf of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Chania.

During the much anticipated event, Mark has been asked to teach his unique approach to live Wing Chun training. This will include developing skills for Gwor Sao (Wing Chun Sparring), Wing Chun Trapping, as well as footwork and distance judgement training for Wing Chun students.

In addition, he will also be teaching San Da for Wing Chun. Covering all aspects of this exciting and dynamic fighting format, including takedowns, throws, leg catches in conjunction with some of the most common training drills of Wing Chun.

The seminar will run 20th & 21st October at Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Chania, Crete. More information and photos of the event will follow in time.



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