What Happens When You CAN’T Move to the Outside Gate!?

Best Way To Defend Against Wild Swinging Punches - London Wing Chun Academy

How to defend yourself against a barrage of wild swinging punches.


Sifu Mark Phillips Teaching in Italy, March 2018

Fight Science Tactical Workshop

*Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to train with one of the world's leading Wing Chun practitioners in Italy, 24th March 2018* Open to all lineages of Wing Chun and levels of Martial Arts experience.


6 MENACING WAYS to Psych Out BIGGER Opponents – How to Fight

Creating a calm and intimidating presence can affect the even the most experienced fighters. 6 ways to Psych out an opponent in a fight.


3 Ways INTENTION Can Make or Break Your Fight Game

The London Wing Chun Academy

Fighting, and self defence, is as much a psychological matter as a physical one. When defending yourself in a street fight, what are your REAL intentions?