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How to Defend Yourself – Managing Emerging Threats

How to Defend Yourself – Managing Emerging Threats When you consider how to defend yourself, do you understand the importance of identifying threats to your safety? Especially if you are in an argument with a stranger in the street. How do you know if this person is dangerous enough to pull a weapon on you? What happens if the person attacks you with empty hands, but then decides to escalate with a knife? Well, this article will help you identify […]

Situational Awareness Training – Choked and Robbed Case Study

Situational Awareness Training: Case Study Surprise and Panic are two factors that make the average person freeze when suddenly attacked. Good Situational Awareness is key to Self Defence. In fact, the best self defence is prevention, rather than cure. Ultimately, you don’t want to fight or be put in a position where you have to defend yourself. That’s why situational awareness training is key. Today we look at how poor situational awareness lead to this man being choked unconscious and […]

What do Attackers Look for in a Victim?

What do Attackers Look for in a Victim? It takes a predatory individual less than seven seconds to select a victim. This makes the decision process practically automatic. Why is this important for you to know? Well, it’s important to know what makes you a target for violence. In other words, to see through the eyes of the predator. What do potential attackers look for in a victim? So What Do Attackers Look for in a Victim Your body language […]

How to Defend Yourself Against a Weapon?

How to Defend Yourself Against a Weapon? You are strolling back to your car. There are two guys standing nearby. As you reach to open your car door, one of them puts a gun to your head. What do you do? How do you defend yourself against this weapon? You can practice knife and gun defence as much as possible in the Dojo, but to truly defend yourself against a weapon you must understand the psychology of the situation. If […]

Is Judo Good for Self Defence?

Is Judo Good for Self Defence? Judo is effective for self defence for a number of reasons. Watch our video to see how effective Judo can be in a real life situation. However, this defensive encounter teaches us when is the right time to take action to defend yourself. As well as setting personal boundaries for self defence. Watch the video case study to learn how to see pre attack indicators that signal a violent attack. Let me know in […]

Can You Block a Punch in Street Fight?

Can You Block a Punch in Street Fight? Is action faster than reaction? The point is can you block a punch in a street fight. Here’s the problem. You’ve got to see and react to a punch. Unfortunately, most people’s natural reactions are simply too slow to respond. However, there is a solution in how to block a punch. Keep reading and I will highlight the best way to defend against punches in a street fight. Make sure to watch […]

Is MMA as REAL as it Gets for Self Defence

Is MMA as REAL as it Gets for Self Defence The UFC uses the tagline ‘As Real as it Gets’. Meaning that MMA is as real as it gets to fighting in the real world. Is that really true? The degree of violence in an MMA contest is often compared to a street fight or violent encounter. People think it’s the same and by default that MMA is best for self defence. However, the issue is not as simple as you […]

How To Find A Good Martial Arts School

How To Find A Good Martial Arts School How do you know the person you’ve entrusted to teach you how to defend yourself is the right person for you? You see sometimes people don’t know any different. So this leads to the question: how to find a good martial arts school? People join their local martial art school in the hope that they’re going to learn how to defend themselves. Unfortunately, just because the school is local, it doesn’t mean that […]

Major Signs of Dominance You Must Pay Attention in Self Defence

Major Signs of Dominance You Must Pay Attention in Self Defence Displays of aggression can come in many forms. The most obvious are acts or signs of dominance. What some call a Monkey Dance. Having some understanding of the nonverbal communication behaviour of people trying to exert dominant can help you defend yourself. What is the Monkey Dance? Essentially, it’s an aggressive confrontation characterised by nonverbal communication intend as a display of dominance. So what do I mean when I […]

How Do Criminals Choose their Victims?

How Do Criminals Choose their Victims? Looking at a crowd of people walking on a busy street, how would you choose a victim for a crime? Who would standout to a predatory individual? Well, in this article we’re going to discuss at the issue of victim selection. How criminals choose their victims. Why some people are more likely selected as a victim of crime. So keep reading. Make sure you watch the video above for real self defence examples. Predatory […]