Sifu Mark Phillips Teaching in Italy, March 2018

Fight Science Tactical Workshop

*Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to train with one of the world's leading Wing Chun practitioners in Italy, 24th March 2018* Open to all lineages of Wing Chun and levels of Martial Arts experience.


Innovated by Wing Chun, this Fight Science [FS] Workshop focuses on how to apply the concepts of Wing Chun in the real world. We translate tradition to modern application, in what we call our 'Forms to Fighting' approach.

Based on Psychology and simple Biomechanical Counter Measures, this event will transform how you think about Wing Chun for the modern day. Just watch the video below or visit our popular YouTube Channel. 100k Subscribers can't be wrong!

Our system is based on three distinctions of Wing Chun as a Martial Art, Fighting System, and Self Defence. The methodology is simple, we train according to Conflict Types.

This event will focus on how to use your Wing Chun (regardless of your lineage) in a practical manner that addresses the different requirements according to the type of situation you are faced with.



This Seminar is presented by Dr Mark Phillips, Presenter of Fight Science TV, Criminal Psychologist, Wing Chun Illustrated Columnist, and currently head instructor of the London Wing Chun Academy.

Dr Mark Phillips of The London Wing Chun Academy

He is not just an ordinary Wing Chun instructor. Mark has over 30 years professional experience as martial arts coach and consultant in security risk management to clients from Police, Security, Law Enforcement agencies to professional fighters. In addition, he is an expert in violent criminal behaviour, kidnapping, and hostage taking.

This makes him uniquely positioned and well versed to translate the traditional elements of the Wing Chun into the practical application. There are very few individuals of this calibre in today’s Wing Chun community.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Please follow the link for more information on his Wing Chun credentials.



Price: €25

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Contact: Venue +39 0773 474762 / Or Mark Phillips +44 7976 855 259

Address: Viale XVIII dicembre, 68, 04100 Latina, Italy

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