Personal Training in a Variety of Martial Arts

The Academy provides one on one training in Wing Chun, BJJ, Kickboxing or MMA. Whatever your level, personalised training specific to your needs can accelerate your learning in any of our martial arts we offer.

How We Coach

Personal Training

Through a personal consultation, Dr Mark Phillips will assess what your goals are for your personal martial arts training, which areas you want to focus on and your desired time scale. If you have already trained in your martial art, he will also assess your basic understanding of it.

After this, a targeted and bespoke action plan will be developed for both you and Dr Phillips to follow, allowing your training and development to progress at an accelerated pace whilst being supported throughout.

Personal Training Availability

Personal training can be delivered in person at The Academy or over Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

Simply email us outlining which martial art you would like to study, and to arrange a personal consultation with Dr Mark Phillips.


Whether you are a seasoned martial arts expert, intimidated by the group classes or an exercise novice, personal training is a fantastic way to develop your confidence, abilities and knowledge.

 The Academy provides personal, one on one training in any of the martial arts we offer, including Wing Chun, BJJ, Sanda kickboxing and MMA. Whether you have never tried them before, or you already have some experience, personal training is a great way to accelerate your development.

 Your learning plan will be developed to be specific and tailored to you and your needs, whether that’s letting you focus on the areas which you want or learning your martial art completely from scratch.

 Some of our personal training clients have included professional athletes, law enforcement, celebrities and martial arts instructors.

Self Defence London

  • Personal Training

  • £8500
    Per 1 Hour Session
  • Training requires access to a range of training equipment to get the very best out of your session. Therefore, Personal Training sessions are provided onsite (at the London Wing Chun Academy) only.

    Due to the Dr Phillips' schedule there is limited availability of Personal Training sessions.

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