Build a fighter's body.

We create strong fit and capable individuals.

This class is ideal if you wish the benefits of traditional boxing, kickboxing, and even mixed martial arts training without the need for sparring. 

We will teach you to hit and kick pads, the heavy bag, and even shadow box like a proffessional fighter, and you'll never havev to step in to the ring. In fact, you'll get the same fitness benefit, plus you'll learn some simple skills as well. These fitness classes are no push over. We've mixed a tradtional boxing and martial arts methods with modern functional fitness to produce a seriously high intensity workout.

Our StrikeLab class is provided on site by our partners GymLab Fitness and are a great alternative to a typical gym. You'll work a number of timed intervals, with short rest bouts while using a range of equipment such as kettlebells, sandbags and focus pads. You simply use your body, mind, and we'll give you the determination to finish the class. It's hard work but you will lose weight, be fit, and feel good, and more importantly you should have enough endurance to defend yourself.

Kickboxing and Boxing Fitness Training North London


Kickboxing and Boxing Fitness North London
A typical fitness class is 45 minutes long and consists of a brief fitness warm up involving some agility, co-ordination exercises, functional fitness exercises, heavy bag work, and normally a light shadow box to warm down.

Required Equipment: You are welcome to wear a T-Shirt, Jogging bottoms, shorts, and trainers for this class. However, if you decide that you wish to train regularly then the following equipment will be helpful: Skipping rope, Focus Mitts, Boxing Gloves.


StrikeLab Non Contact Kickboxing Fitness TrainingStrikeLab Non Contact Kickboxing Fitness TrainingStrikeLab Non Contact Kickboxing Fitness Gym London

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