Is the Best Self Defence to Run Away?

People always say the Best Self Defence technique is to run away. Some even call it “Run Fu”. But is it really true? Telling people to run away to protect themselves is an easy answer to an often complicated question of self defence. Just watch the video to see for yourself.

While it is easy to tell someone to run away there are a few things that you should consider.


Surprise Attacks are Often Criminal Events (e.g. Robbery)

Firstly are you alone? Can you run away from a surprise attack (such as a robbery) if you have your elderly grandparent or child with you? Assuming that you are alone, how far can you run and for how long? The point is are you fit enough to run away. This is why an important part of self defence training is developing your fitness.

Which leads to the next dilemma. What if the Bad Guys catch you? Are you fit enough to run then fight? You have to consider that you can’t out run everyone. So you have to be fit enough to fight. That’s why in our academy we dedicate time to our fitness and conditioning training.


If You Run, Then Where and How Do You Run?

We always advise in class that you never run aimlessly. You must have a goal or a place of safety to reach. Never run aimlessly. You may end up in a dead end road or an abandoned area. Worst yet you may even get run over by traffic.

Another question is that you should also consider how you run? Should you run in a straight line or zig zag? An important consideration when someone is pointing a firearm or chasing you with a knife. In that case, can you sprint, climb fences or gates, or even jump over cars? I know I can’t.


Can You Out Run a Group of Attackers

What happens if you are chased by five Bad Guys? There is a one in five chance that one of them will be a faster runner than you. They may catch you. Running from multiple attackers makes sense but you have to be strategic on how you evade and escape. I have discussed this in previous videos.


Self Defence Tips – So What’s the Take Away?

The sad fact is that most people simply can’t run. They are not fit enough. Although running away is a form of self defence. Ultimately you will have to learn how to defend yourself in cases when you can’t run away. At least that way you will have some option to fight and defend rather than no option.

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