How to Escape the Mounted Position in Street Fights

3 Things to Survive & Escape the Mounted Position in Street Fights

Every violent encounter has a significant psychological factor. Someone sitting on your chest, while punching you in the face will strike fear in anyone. That’s why it’s called Ground and Pound. So, this week we are going to look at 3 IMPORTANT Details on How to Escape the Mounted Position. This article isn’t about Brazilian Jui Jitsu training. Rather how to Defend Against Punches When Mounted in a Street Fight. Make sure you watch the video above for a visual explanation of how to escape punches from a mount attack.

Before we start let’s break down three stages of your defence. Any response to surprise violent encounter (or extreme situation that induces panic) can be considered in these three elements: (1) you must Survive; (2) Regain Control; (3) then Fight Back. Developing a good survival mechanism is psychological not necessarily physical. So, let’s start with the survival stage.

What is the Mount in BJJ & MMA?

Ground and Pound attacks in which someone sits on your chest and continuously punches you in the face is scary even for seasoned MMA fighters. It’s enough to make any seasoned fighter panic. Even of they have great stand up skills. So, what makes ground and pound from the mounted position psychologically and physically dominant?

The Mount is a primitive attack used often in fights. For the aggressor, it is a position of power, enabling them to exert control over their victim. It is related to the primal ‘Fight or Flight’ responses, it inflicts a state of panic, exhaustion, and psychological submission. In short, it can BREAK YOUR WILL TO FIGHT!

Being trapped under a mount can be claustrophobic. Especially if the attacker uses their weight to crush and make it hard for you to breathe. Difficulty in breathing is what causes people to panic. In this state, people tend to use all their strength to try to push their attack off them, which leaves them open to being punched in the face. Surviving and escaping the Mount is more about MENTAL TOUGHNESS than your PHYSICAL ABILITY.

Surviving Escaping the Mounted Position Attacks

The first step to learning to escape the Mount is to develop a mental resistance to it. You must TRAIN UNDERNEATH THE MOUNT to get used to it and, essentially, become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Worst case, if you are mounted and your attacker is throwing punches at your face, then you must try not to panic. Survival will require that you focus on your breathing. If you can’t breathe in this position, then you are in greater danger of serious harm.

Training how to escape the mounted position will get you accustomed to the feeling of claustrophobia. Remember, there is a strong psychological aspect to this attack. Regardless of whether you think you will never be in this situation. Maybe your stand up fighting is that good. You should still prepare yourself just in case. So, join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, even just to learn the basics to get to your feet (see video below).

Only through experiencing it in a safe training environment, will your mind develop a resistance to panicking. This is key to taking away much of the aggressor’s presumed advantage. At this point you can start to physically create space to breathe, and defend yourself effectively without wasting energy.

How to Escape the Mounted Position

The Mount is escapable and there are several ways to do it. Once you have regained your presence of mind, then you must try to regain control. If you watch the first video, you will see some simple methods of trying to break the balance of aggressor. This way it will be hard for him to punch you in the face.

Once you can keep them off balance then you should try to do what we call a ‘Trap, Bridge, and Roll’ in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). It’s a very simple method of regaining control and putting you in a better position to fight back.

The Take Away

Nothing is simple when you have to defend yourself in real life. The best plans go out the window when you are punched in the face. This is why your psychology and mindset are key for keeping it together in a violent encounter.

It’s very easy to fall into a victim’s mentality, panic, struggle, and fight your way out of a bad position. Don’t do this. First of all establish a survival mindset, and fight to regain control, then once you have fight back in your own self defence. Remember PSYCHOLOGY wins fights.

Lastly, do consider taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class that teaches you how to manage strikes, even consider an Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) class.

Thank you for reading.



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