How to Fight Someone Stronger When Pushed Against a Wall

Being pushed against a wall is difficult enough to deal with, but worse when your attacker is stronger than you and intent on punching you in the face. This week’s video discusses the best self defence tactics when you are pushed against a wall.

Of course this is a dangerous and intimidating self defence situation, but the first thing to remember is not to panic. Leaning against a wall is a blessing in disguise, as your attacker no matter how strong he is, can’t push you over. This is because the wall is holding you in place, as he pushes you; he actually pushes the wall instead. So you are completely safe from falling over.

Once you have established your stability, then there are a number of steps that you can take to defend and free yourself from this position. We discuss them stage by stage, but it is always best to get some personal advice and correct self defence training. Of course, the video embedded on this page will help, but consider joining the London Wing Chun Academy for further information.


Step 1.

Requires you to gain control of the pushing arm. You must hold the attackers arm and turn away from the pressure. This is a simple Wing Chun techniques for self defence taught to every beginner at the London Wing Chun Academy. As you will see from the video that the you must turn your body to what is referred to in Wing Chun as the outside gate. This is typically thought of as the blind side of your attacker, but it will also prevent them from easily punching you with their other arm.


Step 2.

Once you have loosened the arm against your chest, you must keep hold of it to prevent your attacker from using it again or punching you. In fact, keeping hold of it will allow you to control your attacker more effectively. Especially if they are stronger than you.  In this situation, you simply have to keep hold of the arm against your chest, while punching with your other arm (see the second segment of the video). This is essential as hitting your attacker serves as a distraction for the next stage. Without this you may struggle to free yourself from against the wall.


Step 3.

The final stage requires that you reverse the position. Meaning you must off balance your attacker sufficiently so that they fall into the wall. Turning your body with the Wing Chun turning stance will help, but you must feel the pressure of the push and yield against it (see video for discussion). Self defence is about personal safety and quick thinking. So step away from the wall making sure that you pull the attacker downwards against the wall. This is important, because it will force them to use their arms to brace against the wall. This sudden movement will allow you to use your Wing Chun techniques to great effect.


On Closing

Having your back against the wall is dangerous enough; the risks to your personal safety are high. There is a likelihood of hitting the back of your head against the wall. So this week’s video is important and discusses what mistakes to avoid, and how to turn the tables on your attacker using some basic ideas from our Wing Chun beginners’ classes.



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