How Do Criminals Choose their Victims?

How Do Criminals Choose their Victims?

Looking at a crowd of people walking on a busy street, how would you choose a victim for a crime? Who would standout to a predatory individual? Well, in this article we’re going to discuss at the issue of victim selection. How criminals choose their victims. Why some people are more likely selected as a victim of crime. So keep reading. Make sure you watch the video above for real self defence examples.

Predatory individuals’ intent on harming others have the uncanny ability to make split second selections of potential victims. For them it’s an intuitive process. They’re able to quickly identify a soft target in a busy street full of people. Put simply soft targets stand out even in crowded spaces.

I’ve mentioned this many times, your body language is key to your self defence. How you move, walk, your posture, even where you look are key to avoiding becoming a target for violence. If you can correct these behaviours, then you can mark yourself as a hard target. Reducing the possibility of being selected as a victim of crime.

Behaviours that Flag People as Easy Targets

Simple characteristics, such as how you walk are key to your self defence. For example, if you walk slower than the rate of flow on a busy street that gives the impression that you’re not confident, distracted, or lost. Although, if you walk too fast, you may also appear nervous.

The Way You Walk Says a Lot About You.

Your rate of movement is also key, but more importantly so is your stride. Jerkiness demonstrates a lack of coordination. What I call a lack of physical intelligence. This suggests to predators, that you, as the victim are less likely to be physically coordinated or able to defend yourself.

Characteristics such as your body not moving in unison can be telling. If your body doesn’t move well, then it suggests a potential weakness in your ability to fight back. The wholeness of your movement refers to your fluidity, the rate of your stride. So, your walk can say a lot about you as a potential victim.

Where You Look

Another crucial factor is your posture and your gaze. Where you look is an indication of your focus and attention. If you’re looking down when walking. Even worst, if you’re looking at your phone. You’re not aware of your surroundings. These key factors identify you in a crowd of people as a potential victim for a crime.

If you’re walking the street and your posture is upright, your shoulders are back and your head is proud. That gives a confident persona to your presence. If you’re occupying space you will be perceived as more confident. I’ve mentioned this in previous videos, that your gaze is important. Your gaze is key to being selected. It will highlight you as a victim of crime.

What’s the Take Away

How do criminals choose their victims? Predatory offenders identify victims of crime quickly, intuitively, and naturally they don’t debate. They appear to have a good sense of who’s going to be an easy victim. Who’s going to be an easy target. However, if you wish to avoid being a victim of crime you must develop your environmental awareness skills for better self defence.

All of the factors I’ve walking with confidence can’t be faked. You can’t fake confidence. You can’t fake movement. You can’t fake confidence in your movement, but you can develop your situational awareness, get fit, and learn how to defend yourself.

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