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We create a complete martial artist, fit, strong, and capable in Self Defence.

Self Defence London Dr. Mark Phillips began his study of Wing Chun in 1986 under Master James Sinclair. Now after twenty seven years of professional teaching, he is ranked as one of the leading instructors in the UK Wing Chun Assoc and is a registered instructor with the prestigious 'Ving Tsun Athletic Association' in Hong Kong as so. Read his Lineage.

He has taught and trained in various countries including United States, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, Brazil and is presently instructing at the London Wing Chun Academy in North London.

Mark has also been featured in numerous international publications, Television programs and even radio. Appearances have included BBC television productions; TVB in Hong Kong, most notable was his appearance on GMTV teaching and promoting Wing Chun Kung Fu. Not to mention that he has also had a few International Celebrity clients experience his tutelage.

Ever the professional, he has taught, demonstrated, studied, and trained many times in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Rio de Jerneiro (Brazil), and Los Angeles. Which truly brings a world class perspective to training martial arts to his ability to teach others.

Mark is available to teach seminars anywhere in the UK and overseas. If this is of interest please contact him directly on: 07976 855 259 or via our Contact Us page.

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  •   1989 Gained full Professional Instructorship in the UK Wing Chun Assoc.
  •   1989 National Championships (Gold Medallist in no gloved no rules competition).
  •   1991 awarded the 'Bart Cham Do' (Butterfly Broadswords/knives) as recognition of his skills and standing in the Wing Chun Kung Fu community.
  •   1991 Became one of only two accredited National Examiner for UK Wing Chun Assoc.
  •   1993 Coached the Winning team in the 3rd Annual National UK Wing Chun All Comers Championship.
  •   1993 Was responsible for development and implementation of the UK Wing Chun Assoc Weapons Skills program, which included Kubaton and Edge Weapon defence training. He remains to this day the director responsible for the development of Reality Based Edge Weapon Defence Training.
  •   1995 Began instructing a range of law enforcement bodies which included Police and Special Operations Groups in a range of Reality Based Defensive Skills, in the United Kingdom and in the United States.
  •   1996 Became the first student in the UK Wing Chun Assoc to take and pass the difficult and famed Wooden Dummy Test.
  •   1999 Featured in the international best selling Wing Chun Teaching Video 'Pure & Simple'.
  •   2000 Featured on Bravo Television's 'Ultimate Warriors' series.
  •   2003 Featured in Teaching Wall Bag training techniques and applications in the UK Wing Chun Assoc 'Master Class' video teaching series.
  •   2004 Voted UK Wing Chun 'Martial Arts Instructor of the Year'.
  •   2005 Appeared on GMTV teaching Simon Web from the pop group Blue.
  •   2005 Became a lifetime member of the Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong.
  •   2006 Voted UK Wing Chun 'Student of the Year'.
  •   2008 Judge for the first Wing Chun Chi Sau International competition held at SENI, London Excel.
  •   2009 Represented the United Kingdom for a world record attempt for the largest first form display for the Guiness Book of World Records. The event was held in Hong Kong.
  •   2009 Became member of 'World Wing Chun Union' in Hong Kong.
  •   2009 Represented the United Kingdom as part of an international display team in Foshan, China.
  •   2011 lead the London Wing Chun Academy team on a cultural exchange to China, this included demonstrations at the Olympic National Sports University in Guangzhou, China.
  •   2015 Featured on the Front Cover of Wing Chun Illustrated the foremost magazine dedicated to Wing Chun and featuring the worlds best practitioners.
  •   2015 became a staff writer and regular contributor for Wing Chun Illustrated.