Free Open Day – Saturday 26th April @ 3.30pm. Come look around.

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

Are you interested in getting fit, and staying healthy while learning to defend yourself? Then consider joining our unique 4 week martial arts and fitness course for new starters. You don’t need to be fit or have any experience in martial arts or Wing Chun. We will motivate and inspire you to train to improve your fitness and your self defence capability.

In light of our next Beginners Martial Arts & Fitness course we are holding an Open Day for our gym on Saturday 26th April at the London Wing Chun Academy, 2nd Floor, Cypress House, Coburg Road, Wood Green, N22 6UJ starting at 3.30pm.

Typically an Open Day consists of informal martial arts demonstrations and a short talk on the efficient, yet effective, martial art of Wing Chun. This time, you will see, feel, and understand the traditional concepts of Wing Chun and its applications to modern self-defence, as well as a detailed overview of training at our professional academy. We also discuss our special fitness conditioning training program for martial arts, and we’ll show you around our specialised gym and martial arts studio.  

This is an excellent opportunity for you to join a professional fulltime martial arts gym in London and a group of new people that will be starting from a fresh like you. We have 30 years of professional experience of producing fit capable individuals for self defence, fitness, and martial arts well being. Enrolment on our Beginners Course will be possible on the day. However, we also offer a £10 discount if you enrol before the course starts on Wednesday 7th May please book online or contact us directly for further information.



The London Wing Chun Academy is a martial arts and functional fitness gym based in North London. Open 7 days a week with gym and functional fitness equipment. Our gym provides group fitness and martial arts classes in Wing ChunSan Shou KickboxingBrazilian Jiu JitsuFunctional Fitness, and non contact Fitness kick Boxing. Visit our gym today for a taster class. Get Started Now >>

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