Our range of Strength, Fitness, and Conditioning classes are a great and fun alternative to the gym.

These are group fitness and conditioning classes, so you won't get bored, and you'll have fun being being pushed to the maximum. These classes are open to individuals of any fitness ability. Read More >>

  •   MONDAY 6.45pm to 7.30pm
  •   TUESDAY 8pm to 8.45pm
  •   WEDNESDAY 6.45pm to 7.30pm
  •   THURSDAY 8pm to 8.30pm
  •   SATURDAY 11.30pm to12.15pm

Ask yourself, do you get bored training at the gym on your own? How many times have you been motivated to train or not known what to do? It's tough training in a gym on your own. That's why our group fitness, strength, and conditioning training is a great alternative to the gym. You'll still get fit, in shape, lose weight, even bulk up, but more importantly you'll have functional strength and fitness. You won’t be on your own, winging it, as in typical gyms.

GymLab is a revolutionary fitness concept that combines functional movement with combat fitness training to deliver a dynamic intense workout. We create a useable, yet functional level of fitness that will prepare you for any of life’s physical contingencies. GymLab runs two types of fitness classes at the London Wing Chun Academy: FitLab our functional strength and conditioning training and StrikeLab our fitness. See below for a brief explanation.


FitLab is a fun, fast paced coached class using functional equipment, high intensity interval drills, heavy lifts, and more importantly team work. Typically you will work a range of high energy work bouts with short rest intervals. So you will work hard, but never train on your own.

Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, Barbells, Powerbags, Pylo Boxes, hurdles, boxing, and bodyweight drills are just some of the tools that we utilise to give you the ultimate fat burning and metabolism boosting workout.

FitLab classes are scalable meaning that individuals of any fitness ability or physical condition are welcome to join at any time. Classes start from £25 for a month. Be fit now!

Kickboxing London


Kickboxing London

StrikeLab classes are a high intensity fitness workout developed from our unique blend of conventional Kickboxing and functional fitness training. Using functional training equipment alongside conventional our boxing and kickboxing methods, we will build your speed, agility, fitness, and you’ll lose weight and get in shape too.

You'll strike focus pads, or heavy bags, with your hands, elbows, knees, legs, and power your way through our challenging timed intervals. This class simulates the experience of combat to improve your fitness and prepare you for any situation. There's no sparing so you'll get fit without getting hit! StrikeLab classes start from £25 per month.

Kickboxing London