About Dr Phillips

Mark brings a unique mix of experience to the leadership of our academy that is reflected in our practical approach to self defence. His experience as Criminal Psychologist and Security Consultant makes him unique in his teaching approach.

Dr Mark Phillips is an expert in violent behaviour. A full time professional martial arts, self defence instructor and security consultant.

There simply isn’t anyone else in the UK who has Dr Phillips complete skillset encompassing his vast knowledge of Wing Chun (35 years experience), Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (3rd degree black belt), Judo (brown belt), Sanda Kickboxing. In addition to offender profiling, knowledge of violence, and the psychology of criminal behaviour. He believes that there is a difference between learning a martial art and knowing how to defend yourself. He teaches practically. Wherever possible, he focuses on the student’s mindset, security awareness and the psychology of people and violence, and importantly how to apply the martial art’s techniques to modern day real life situations.

"I believe that being truly prepared for self defence means being able to fight anywhere at anytime. On your feet, on the ground, you don't get to choose your fight."

He began his study of the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu with Master James Sinclair in 1986, and is now a senior instructor in the world renowned UK Wing Chun Kung Fu Association. He is also a registered instructor of the prestigious Ving Tsun Athletic Association in Hong Kong, and has over 30 years teaching experience. Although he started Judo in 1984 he eventually stopped for some years only to return in 2003. With a new ignited passion for grappling he earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2013. Awarded by Professor Marc Walder (4th Degree) who he began training with in 2005.

As well as holding a PHD in Criminal Psychology from the University of Liverpool, he has taught martial arts, self protection, and criminal psychology in over 20 major cities in the world. Countries including The United States, Hong Kong, China, and South Korea have been privy to his vast experience. He is now the Head Instructor at London’s famous Wing Chun Academy.

“I teach holistically, addressing the needs for learning a martial art and the psychological preparation for applying it. My approach is based on critical thinking.”

Dr Mark Phillips opened The London Wing Chun Academy in 2003, which was one of the first full time martial arts schools in London. The Academy was the first place to offer Wing Chun lessons divided by ability, with a specific syllabus and curriculum for each level. Also combined with functional fitness training. Now, many schools across the country model their teaching structure on what he pioneered at The Academy.

Dr Phillips has been featured in numerous publications, including on the cover of Wing Chun Illustrated, has appeared on national and international television teaching and promoting Wing Chun and was the first student to be awarded the “Bart Cham Do” (Butterfly Knives) from the UKWCKFA for recognition of his standing and skills. He also teaches defensive skills and tactics to law enforcement, high risk security teams, and business professionals.

He has delivered key note speeches to military, police, security and business organisations, including a keynote speech at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). Having published widely on the subject of organized criminal violence in a number of academic journals. He now currently presents Fight Science TV a popular YouTube with half a million followers worldwide.

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