Emergency skills.


The third form of Wing Chun is called "Bil Jee" or "Biu Jee" in Cantonese. It literally means "Thrusting or Poking fingers." Often referred to as the emergency form of the Wing Chun Martial Arts system, the form is unique in that it allows the student to practice what to do when things go wrong in combat or self defence situation.

Most fights can be handled with a good grounding in the Sui Nim Tao and Chum Kiu forms. However sometimes the opponent may present more of a challenge to a Wing Chun practitioner. As a result, the shapes learned and practised in the earlier forms may be deformed to deviate from the Centre Line. Under these conditions the Wing Chun students practices the ability to return to and remain in control of the centreline.

The term thrusting also suggests, "pointing to the target", the most efficient way to strike at a target in order to counter or off-set an attack. Built into the third form are ideas for recovery to the centreline, whilst using the form uses rotational mechanics to add to the penetrating power developed with the first and second forms.