Why Fitness Training is Important for Self Defence

Good fitness training is essential for well rounded self defence ability. By focusing on functional fitness requirements rather than simple gym exercises you can build a better body, but more importantly a fighters mind.

Our everyday lives are filled with natural movement from standing, lifting, throwing. These movements are distinguished between requiring control of your body and requiring control of an external object. This is exactly the same for self defence, you have to control yours and another person’s body, but this requires you to be fit and strong.

Good fitness leads to more endurance, and a capability to defend yourself because you have the determination and the physical assets to do so. Look at any professional boxer or mixed martial arts fighter and you will see a fit conditioned athlete who has trained their body to endure physical effort at a high level of fitness and conditioning. However, with some effort and correct coaching the ordinary person can achieve a high level of fitness too. 

Great fitness, strength, and cardio will power your self defence ability. A basic level of fitness allows the ability to physically push people off, punch without getting tired, and run fast if required. Training in your local gym may not necessarily provide you with a high level of elite fitness, especially if your focus is on building non functional muscle mass.

Try training your fitness with a group of people, the dynamics differ to the gym because you want to keep up with the group. Now add a combative element to your fitness training, and you’ll be amazed how fun and physically demanding fitness training can be. The London Wing Chun Academy specialises in functional fitness training for all levels of fitness, ordinary individuals, fighters, and professional athletes.

Fitness training should involve a degree of strength training, multi-plane movement, and cardio. Overall, the best fitness training will be functional requiring movements that are multi-functional and representative of natural movement and fitness. All of these factors are inherent in our martial arts fitness training package.

The benefits of our fitness training programme are both physical and psychological. Physically you will lose weight, gain functional muscle and become stronger, fitter, and faster. Psychological, you will gain confidence through pushing yourself and this will give you the mindset and determination in any self defence confrontation. Try one of our fitness classes today.




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