Try Any Class at Our Gym in North London for £10.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a traditional Chinese martial arts that is still very effective for modern day self defence. If you are specifically interested in learning Wing Chun at our gym, then we suggest trying our Beginners Wing Chun Class to see if you like our style. These classes are designed for you to simply drop in and have a go.


Try Any Class at Our Gym in North London for £10.

San Shou ( also know as San Da or Chinese) Kickboxing is a great all round fighting format involving Boxing, Wrestling, Leg Catches, Throws, and Take Downs. New beginners are welcome at our gym any time.


Learn the Most Effective Techniques in 4 Weeks.

Beginners Induction Course provides a mix of traditional Wing Chun concepts for a modern self defence environment. You'll learn a series of evolutionary phases that we hope will dramatically improve your confidence and fitness. These stand alone courses are run periodically throughout the year, and can be used as an introduction to Wing Chun. Our next course starts on Wednesday 4th March @ 7.30pm.


Try Any Class at Our Gym in North London for £10.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uses leverage and technique as a system for self defence. It is also a great competitive fighting style that is now a major component of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Vale Tudo fighting styles. New beginners are welcome any time at our gym. .


Try Any Class at Our Gym in North London for £10.

Our Functional Fitness classes are the ultimate method to get fit and shape quickly. This high intensity interval training for anyone interested in going the extra mile for their fitness.


Try Any Class at Our Gym in North London for £10.

Our StrikeLab Fitness class is a form of non contact kick boxing training for fitness. This class involves a mix of traditional boxing and kickboxing training methods with modern functional fitness training.


Try Any Class at Our Gym in North London for £10.

Practicing Yoga will improve your flexibility and muscle form. As well as balance, strength, and a wider range of motion. Our Yoga class will strengthen both your mind and body by reducing stress and muscular tension.


We Offer a Range of Martial Arts Classes for Children.

We offer a range of martial arts from Kung Fu to Jiu Jitsu for children at our gym. We understand that your child has differing needs according to their age. So we have divided our childrens martial arts classes in to Little Dragons (age 4 to 7 years of age), Under 12s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (age 8 to 12 years), Under 16s Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (age 13 to 16 years), and Under 16s Wing Chun (13 to 16 years of age). Places are limited so please to book a class. .

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