San Shou Kickboxing is unique, and differs from other forms of kickboxing formats (e.g. Muay Thai Boxing) because of the emphasis on throwing, grappling, and leg catches. San Shou (also known as San Da) Kick boxing is fun, dynamic, and effective.

Although not as well known in the West as other forms of kickboxing, San Shou kickboxing is popular in China, so much so, that it has been adopted by the Chinese Army and Police services as the main form of unarmed combat training.

Our San Da classes are safe, friendly, and multi level so you will work at a level to suit you. If you are new to this type of martial art training, we will teach you the basics of San Da kicks, strikes, and throws while concentrating on improving your fitness to get you started. Read about our San Da Classes >>

  • WEDNESDAY 8.45 to 10pm    

Did you know that San Da is now a modern format of combat in which all Chinese martial arts compete against each other?

There is a wide spectrum of fighting styles in Chinese martial arts. Some arts specialise in Shuai Jiao (throwing techniques) and Chin Na (joint manipulations), others in striking with the upper or lower body. In the past, Kung Fu schools would fight bare hand on a Lei Tai (a raised platform) to see which was better. San Da is the modern development of these traditional Lei Tai contests, but governed by rules to reduce the risk of injury.

The rules cover the different ranges of fighting i.e. long range (kicking & leg catches), mid range (punches, knees, & elbows), close range (grappling). It is akin to Mixed Martial Arts with no ground fighting, but focuses on striking and stand up skills instead.

Our San Da training is taught separately to our ordinary Wing Chun classes in our gym to allow a greater emphasis on the sparring and grappling aspects of San Da Kickboxing. Our training methods are similar to many of the top Muay Thai, Shoot Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts gyms, but we emphasise traditional martial arts values. You don’t have to join a Wing Chun class to practice San Da with us.

If you’ve trained in other forms of Kickboxing you’re welcome to join us, you’ll fit straight in.

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Kickboxing London

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