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LWCA to Appear on Greek Television and Newspaper

The head of our school Dr Mark Phillips was recently invited to coach the Crete San Shou Kickboxing team in preparation for future competitions in Greece. Haing taught San Da throws and takedowns on day 1, How to use Wing Chun against common Boxing combinations on day 2, and finally traditional aspects of Wing Chun kicking and Chi Gerk (Stick with Legs) on the final seminar.  We are pleased to say that his 3 day seminar tour was a complete sucess. So […]

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

Not Just an Ordinary Wing Chun School

Our success does indicate that we are different from the typical Wing Chun school. We are effective, dynamic, and capable of fighting in arenas out of our comfort zone. Most importantly our training methods and approach differs by far too many Wing Chun schools in London.

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

Free Open Day – Saturday 26th April @ 3.30pm. Come look around.

Are you interested in getting fit, and staying healthy while learning to defend yourself? Then consider joining our unique 4 week martial arts and fitness course for new starters. You don’t need to be fit or have any experience in martial arts or Wing Chun. We will motivate and inspire you to train to improve your fitness and your self defence capability. In light of our next Beginners Martial Arts & Fitness course we are holding an Open Day for […]

San Shou Kickboxing London

LWCA Fight Team Succeeds in BCCMA San Shou Tournament

The format of the competition was simple. Three 2 minute rounds, the winner is decided by knock out, or points accumulated by clean strikes, throws, takedowns, or push outs. Under these rules, three fighter’s from the London Wing Chun Academy won one gold and two silver medals.

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

Why Train at the London Wing Chun Academy

We have been creating the complete martial artist since 1989. Our approach is simple, professional, and unique to our gym. Regardless of who you are we have something for everyone, whether you wish to train for pure self defence, to improve your fitness, or even competitive fighting. The London Wing Chun Academy is a professional centre of martial arts excellence in London. Our approach is a blend of traditional martial arts and modern fitness training methods that won’t be found […]

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

The London Wing Chun Academy to Teach in Crete

We are pleased to announce that the head of our team Dr Mark Phillips has been invited to Chania, Crete to teach a two day seminar on Wing Chun and San Shou (San Da) Kickboxing on behalf of the Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy of Chania. During the much anticipated event, Mark has been asked to teach his unique approach to live Wing Chun training. This will include developing skills for Gwor Sao (Wing Chun Sparring), Wing Chun Trapping, as […]

The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts in London.

London Wing Chun Interview by Wing Chun Geeks

Sifu Mark Phillips was interviewed for the podcast Wing Chun Geeks. Wing Chun Geeks interviews some the world’s leading authorities and recognised Sifus from the different corners of the globe. So we are proud that our Sifu has been asked to contribute to such a noble forum.

What our students say about us

Here Are Some of the Things Our Students Say About Us

Latest News

The London Wing Chun Academy is pleased to announce that Proffessor Marc Walder will be joining the teach staff at our academy. Hence we will be running a new 4 week Beginners Course in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Bjj) starting Thursday 21st March at 8.30pm.

Latest News

The London Wing Chun Academy is currently considering a Winter intensive training Camp in Crete early March 2013. The event will be a three day intensive seminar covering all aspects of the LWCA Wing Chun Kung Fu syllabus.