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Pro Boxing: Clinch Fighting Tips & Tricks

Wing Chun vs Boxing: Testing Wing Chun Chi Sao Skills on a PRO Boxer Watch the video below for a simple analysis about what happened.   About John McDermott John McDermott is an English heavyweight boxer from England. He is a two-time challenger for the British Heavyweight title and is the current English Heavyweight title holder. On 18 April 2008, McDermott won the vacant English heavyweight title, knocking out Pele Reid in the second round. He had fought for the […]

1 Simple Trick to Punch Harder: SHOCKWAVE Power Comes from the Ground

It doesn’t matter what Martial Art you practice, what you need to know is that power comes from the ground. Get this right and you can deliver knockout punches or strikes in seconds. Regardless of how small you are.

Bodybuilders vs Skinny Guys: Who punches harder & fights better?

What often fascinates people is whether bodybuilders can fight. People always debate who would do better in a street fight: a bodybuilder or a skinny guy.

Wing Chun

How to Punch

The centreline punch is the defining martial arts technique of Wing Chun Kung Fu. Punches are delivered in fast successive flurries, with the elbow pulled in and close to the body for support and structure. Indeed, the Wing Chun punch is a structure supported by the weight of the practitioner.