Best Takedown Techniques for Wing Chun

Best Takedown Techniques for Wing Chun

Can you do takedowns in Wing Chun? Well, here are 2 of the best takedowns that can easily be added to your Wing Chun or Chi Sao training. We use them in our regular San Da (San Shou Kickboxing) classes run at the London Wing Chun Academy, but they can easily be used with a range of Wing Chun techniques in sparring, Chi Sao, or even in Self Defence. The technique simply relies on leverage to knock your opponent or attacker to the ground. Watch our video below to see how easy it is to pull off.

If you are interested in training San Da (San Shou) Kickboxing then this technique will give you an insight into how San Shou Kickboxing works here at the London Wing Chun Academy. There are similarities to Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training to San Da Kickboxing. The most obvious is the fact that you can mix takedowns with punches and strikes. However, many of the throws and takedowns cross over to Wrestling, Judo, and even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and that’s why we offer this form of Kickboxing training in our gym.

You’ll see from the video that throwing a person is dependent on using leverage to off balance your opponent. It is not an issue of strength, rather angle and precision on executing the takedown. These are very easy to do, but more importantly you must consider how your opponent will react to your take down attempt. To address this issue, the second part of the video covers how to counter attack when your opponent counters your initial takedown attempt with a sprawl.  

As Chi Sao is an important training exercise in Wing Chun, we also related how to use this takedown in Wing Chun Chi Sao. As in other martial arts, learning takedowns or throws are important but they must be applied in a sparring or active manner. Wing Chun Chi Sao offers a great method in which to develop your ability to feel the right opportunity to throw a person.


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