The Building Blocks For Wing Chun.

We will give you the building blocks to learn to defend yourself properly.


Our gym offers the widest variety of Wing Chun classes in London for all levels of ability and expertise. So, if you are new to Wing Chun then you won’t be thrown in with a group of experienced students. Instead you can train in a dedicated beginner class with people that have just started like you.

After 30 years of teaching Wing Chun we developed a unique beginners training program. You don't have to be fit to start and you won’t struggle to keep up because we recap the basics weekly. You'll learn Wing Chun through a series of mini cycles that have been uniquely developed in our gym.

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Our teaching approach is easy to follow, practical, and more importantly effective for a real self environment. Each class is organised so as to follow on from the previous weeks practice and this develops a good understanding of this very simple but effective martial art over a period of time.

Our martial arts classes are friendly, safe, well structured, and easy to learn so you'll progress very quickly in our gym. New starters or beginners for Wing Chun are welcome at any time. Simply contact us to book a taster session or purchase your place online now.


Our Wing Chun class for new starters and beginners meets at our gym every Monday 7.30pm, Wednesday 7.30pm, Friday at 6.45pm, and Sunday 10.30am.

A typical class consists of a brief fitness workout and pad work drills to warm up. This is followed by some technique training, then practical application of Wing Chun. Watch a typical class above.

Beginners are not allowed to spar in our gym. Instead like most Wing Chun schools they practice Chi Sao skills. We prefer that new students wait until they are confident with the technique before sparring.

We will be happy to lend you equipment for your first lesson. Please wear jogging bottoms or shorts, and a t-shirt.

Featured on the cover of Wing Chun Illustrated as one of the leading practitioners of Wing Chun in the world today, Dr Mark Phillips has over 30 years experience of this effective Chinese Martial Art style.

A career martial artist he has taught in many countries around the world including Hong Kong and China. He is widely sort for his ability to teach the practical applications of Wing Chun for the modern self defence environment.

A dedicated to the martial arts Mark also well versed in other forms of fighting such as boxing, grappling, and San Da. Click to read more about his experience.


To get a feel of our unique approach to Wing Chun please visit our YouTube Channel to see our range of our popular Self Defence and Martial Arts videos.

Click the YouTube icon below or watch the key videos directly on our website. You will also find more videos organised by playlists in our menu.

The London Wing Chun Academy

The London Wing Chun Academy

Wing ChunBeginners Introductory Wing ChunWing Chun ClassBeginners Introductory Wing Chun CourseWing Chun ClassWing Chun Class


Most new students come to us because they simply want to get fit and learn how to defend themselves and this is precisely what we do in our Wing Chun Beginners program. In our gym you'll get a great combination of Fitness & Conditioning Training and focused Wing Chun classes uniquely designed for new starters like you.

At the London Wing Chun Academy our beginners focus on the core skills and concepts of Wing Chun focusing directly on developing the correct application of footwork and Centre Line Punching for a self-defence situation. Beginners are introduced to the basic concepts of Wing Chun body structure, balance, turning and deflecting, which are all concepts derived from the more advanced Chum Kiu (2nd Form) in the Wing Chun system. As well as the application of Bong Sao, Taan Sao, and guard hand to guard hand skills that include trapping, kicking and basic Chi Sao.