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Unlike other martial arts we will not throw you in with more experienced Wing Chun students. So, getting started in our academy does not require high levels of physical fitness or years of dedicated training. Our BEGINNERS INDUCTION courses are designed for new starters to learn the basics of a Wing Chun and its Self Defence strategy. You don't have to be fit, strong, or flexible to take this course at our gym. Fitness is not a barrier to starting, you just need an attentive mind to learn from us.

After 30 years of teaching experience we have designed a complete beginners introductory course that will not only introduce concepts of Wing Chun, but various other martial arts concepts in one practical self defence training package. This unique course is designed to improve your fitness and self defence ability during the 4 week period. Enabling you to progress to the more advanced Beginners training program in our academy.

Our Beginners Induction course runs through a series of physical evolutions that cover 4 distinct stages: The first is the BASE Phase (Week 1), the second is the EVASION Phase (Week 2), the third is the DISTANCE CONTROL Phase (Week 3), and the final evolution puts the previous phases together for the PUNCH PROOF Phase (Week 4). So we expect you to be fit and capable by the end.

The course is our own design and unique only to the London Wing Chun Academy. In fact, you won't find this approach in any other gym in north London. So, if you are interested in training Wing Chun in a no nonsense, practical, and effective manner then this is a good place to start.

Enrol online now and receive a £10 discount on our next Induction Course. Please note, the cost of the course will be £60 if you pay on the day. Limited places available please contact us to arrange a place.

Self Defence London

Self Defence London
NEW STARTER Intro costs: £50 (Online Only) per 4 week Beginners Induction course.

This includes 4 Introductory Wing Chun classes, plus unlimited Jiu Jitsu, San Shou Kickboxing, MMA, FitLab, StrikeLab Fitness classes, and FREE use of the academy's gym and facilities 7 days a week (see timetable for additional classes and information).

Required Equipment: You are welcome to wear a T-Shirt, Jogging Bottoms or Shorts. Trainers are not required for this class. Please bring a bottle of water with you.

Wednesday 4th March @ 7.30pm.


Featured on the cover of Wing Chun Illustrated as one of the leading practitioners of Wing Chun in the world today, Dr Mark Phillips has over 30 years experience of this effective Chinese Martial Art style.

A career martial artist he has taught in many countries around the world including Hong Kong and China. He is widely sort for his ability to teach the practical applications of Wing Chun for the modern self defence environment.

A dedicated to the martial arts Mark also well versed in other forms of fighting such as boxing, grappling, and San Da. Click to read more about his experience.


To get a feel of our unique approach to Wing Chun please visit our YouTube Channel to see our range of our popular Self Defence and Martial Arts videos.

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