Beginners Course Starting 10th Aug 2020

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Announcing our NEW Beginners Induction Course, 10th August 2020.

If you have been thinking about getting in shape, taking up a new hobby or learning a new skill this year, come along to our new Beginners course.

Designed exclusively for Beginners, this course will teach you realistic self-defence for the real world, whilst improving your fitness and confidence.

Our approach is simple, professional, and unique to our Academy.

Duration: 4 Weeks
Class times: Mondays @ 7 – 8:15pm
Price: £60 (this is a one-off payment. No hidden costs or contracts!)

  1. How many classes are included?

You will get 4 Wing Chun ‘Beginners Induction’ classes, as well as FREE unlimited access to our other martial arts and fitness classes.

  1. Does it matter that I have no previous martial arts experience?

Absolutely not! Our Beginners Induction course is designed to teach new starters the basic concepts of Wing Chun for self-defence.

  1. What is the structure of the Induction class? Is there sparring?

Classes always begin with a warm-up. This is followed by partner technique drills which constitute the majority of the class, and finally by practice of the first form.

Induction classes don’t include sparring.

  1. Will I need a uniform or other equipment?

No. Students may wear any comfortable fitness clothing, such as a t-shirt & jogging bottoms.

  1. How do I join?

You can purchase via the link below; alternatively you may visit us in advance of the course to buy a membership in person.

If you require any further info, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Book Here:
Mobile: 07976 855 259
Phone: 0203 638 4045

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