5 Life Saving Rules to Survive a Gang Attack | How to Fight Multiple Attackers


There are 5 golden rules that may help you survive an attack by multiple attackers. Self defence is not easy and even harder when faced with a gang of attackers. This is a simple self defence strategy for managing a confrontation with a group of multiple attackers. Although if you want to know how to fight multiple attackers then you should consider that you can only fight one person at a time.

You stand little chance if you want to fight them all in one go. Even worst, you have little chance to defend yourself if you are surprised by a sudden coordinated ambush. So our advice is based on the scenario that starts from a confrontation with a group. Perhaps you are having an argument with one member of the group and things turn ugly.

How to Defend Yourself Against Multiple Attackers

Below are five simple rules that will help you defend yourself against multiple attackers. These ideas will form an effective self defence strategy to keep you safe. So keep reading.

RULE #1. Control Your Position

When faced with a gang of people it is wise not to stand directly in the middle of the group that are confronting you. If the opportunity arises try to position yourself closer to one of the individuals confronting you and further away from the rest of their gang. Never allow anyone to stand behind you.

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For your own self defence, if possible try to position yourself in a manner that allows you to see all of your potential attackers.  Of course, you may not be aware of who is part of the gang, so be mindful, and try not to focus on the person threatening you.

RULE #2. Control Your Movement

In the initial stage, try to hold your ground as much as possible. You should not turn to run from the outset, as this may often put you in a worst position. Instead, try to remain calm and look for the nearest and most logical point of safety, making sure that you are controlling your position. Move decisively, it is not a good idea to keep running, as it makes you an easier target for multiple attackers to encircle you.

RULE #3. Recognise the Circle and Line

Once you are in the action stage of the assault try to recognise when the group are circling you. Try to avoid this by making sure that your attackers are not moving towards your back. Instead, if you can try to keep as many of them in front of you as in an orderly line. Of course, this is impossible but there will be times when your attackers naturally cross each other’s paths to hit or reach you. If possible use this instance as an opportunity to hide or evade.

5 Rules to Survive a gang attack | North London Self Defence

RULE #4. Create Anchors

Forget the fancy kickboxing or martial arts techniques. How to fight multiple attackers does not require you to actually fight. Basically, you should try to hide behind a body in order to create a human shield. In this sense, your self defence is created by using another body to shield you against attacks.

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Anatomical anchor points on the human body will allow you use another person as a shield. The idea here is to simply grab hold of a ridged part of one of your attacker’s body. For example, grabbing the neck and the outside of the elbows are excellent for creating leverage to off balance your attacker in self defence. Once off balanced you can hide behind that person in order to minimise the damage from the other attackers. However you must move from one attacker to another, taking care not to hang on to an assailant for too long.

RULE #5. Evade then Escape

The primary objective for your self defence is to minimise damage to yourself by evading your multiple attackers, in order to gain enough time to escape. Put simply, you must survive long enough to reach a point of safety. By combining all of the above points these may give you a fighting chance to escape. The objective is not to fight all of your attackers. You can’t fight multiple attackers. You should merely try to avoid and limit the harm that you may face. It is not realistic to fight more than one person in a self defence confrontation.

How to Fight Multiple Attackers: Let’s Summarise 

Of course this is only a guide to make you think seriously about your self defence strategy. Overall, your strategy should be to create as much control as of your position and movement as possible and then focus on evading the group while seeking safety. However, this article cannot replace good common sense instruction, training and preparation. If you are at risk from this threat, then we strongly advise that you find expert tuition on the subject. Be realistic, it is not an easy subject, and you will get hit in the fight.

Overall, don’t fight a group of multiple attackers.


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