3 P RULE to Defend Yourself in Street Fights

How to Defend Yourself: The 3 P RULE to SURVIVE Street Fights

This week we look at the best approach to defend yourself when someone is squaring off to you in an argument in the street fight. Here are 3 simple self defence techniques that could make a difference to your personal safety. Watch our video to learn how to deal with someone trying to intimidate you for a fight in 3 simple rules.

We discuss the importance of correct Body Language: How to posture yourself to appear confident. We also show you the best position and angle to adopt against aggressive intimidation: Your Fighting Stance Section. Lastly, how to build confidence in a fight. Displaying confidence while avoiding eye contact.

How to stay confident in a fight

How should you stand when someone is in your face? Should you take an obvious fighting stance? Well we suggest that you stand square (with a leg forward) and not side on. There are a number of risks of standing side on (in a fighting stance) at close quarter. The biggest risk is loosing your balance. Another problem is that you can’t reach with both hands quickly of you need to defend yourself. Basically you will telegraph your movement.

Sideways style of fighting or boxing guard may not be appropriate for extreme close quarter combat. Especially when someone is in your face. In the video we show the main risks of taking a obvious fighting stance, but feel free to add your thoughts on the matter.

Where and How to Stand for the Best Self Defence

You have a BAD GUY screaming and shouting in your face. What position should you adopt? How can we make the fight predictable? We believe that you should, if possible move to one side of the person who is threatening or intimidating you. Firstly, you need to hold your ground and secondly you then need to move towards a side. It is better for the person to facing you is at an awkward angle. This will limit their ability to punch properly with one side of their body, in particular the jammed side.

Displaying confidence while avoiding eye contact.

Where do You Look? Do you look into their eyes? This is an old question that many people have different opinions about. I discuss my thoughts on the matter in the video.

So we would especially love to hear your thoughts on this matter. From our perspective we believe that you should not put too much emphasis on staring into your attackers eyes. This only creates tunnelled vision and distracts you from reacting to fast punches. Although it may help you better detect a headbutt attack.

The Take Away…

How to fight fear and intimidation in self defence depends on how you defend yourself by controlling space both physically and psychologically. WE ALSO WANT TO HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS ON HOW TO FIGHT INTIMIDATION, SO PLEASE LEAVE THEM BELOW IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.



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