1 Simple Trick to Punch Harder: SHOCKWAVE Power Comes from the Ground

It doesn’t matter what Martial Art you practice, what you need to know is that power comes from the ground. Get this right and you can deliver knockout punches or strikes in seconds. Regardless of how small you are.

The Shockwave Technique

Let’s look at a not-so-obvious way that some of the top fighters in MMA, Boxing, and Thai Boxing harness power. We call it the Shockwave Technique. It can transform your fight game with just a slight tweak to your technique.

To understand the Shockwave, we need to unpack what we mean by the saying ‘power comes from the ground’. It is a common saying in all Martial Arts. It suggests that the harder the ground, the harder the punch. When we use this phrase, we are specifically referring to the development of power from your legs.

Body mechanics dictate that the more you recruit your legs into driving your punch from the ground up, the more power you’re likely to achieve overall. This is why proper boxing punches are typically thrown with the legs pivoting and rotating.

Note the body proportions of the typical boxer. Thomas Hearns, Julian Jackson and Felix Trinidad are some names that immediately spring to mind. These guys didn’t have big upper-bodies, but they carried huge power in their fists. Even Mike Tyson, as dynamic a puncher as he was, was still more muscular in his legs than his arms!

Once you can recruit your legs into the delivery of the punch, the next step is to increase the kinetic driver behind the punch.

It’s as simple as stamping on the ground.  

A great example of a fighter who uses this technique to devastating effect is Dan Henderson. Watch how he lifts his foot to throw a punch.


Watch our Fight Science Breakdown for our analysis on this powerful technique.

The foot stamp is a form of kinetic driver to the punch. The impact of the punch is boosted by the feedback from the stamp which reverberates through the body. When timed just right, it creates a powerful Shockwave effect that can catch any opponent off-guard.

Next time you’re sparring or hitting the heavy bag, try timing your foot stamping the ground with the landing of your punch.


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