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The London Wing Chun Academy for Martial Arts & Fitness Classes in London.

Are you interested in getting fit, and staying healthy while learning to defend yourself? Then consider joining our unique 4 week martial arts and fitness course for new starters. You don’t need to be fit or have any experience in martial arts or Wing Chun. We will motivate and inspire you to train to improve your fitness and your self defence capability.


Jon Jones SPECIAL MMA Weapon UNCOVERED ● HOW He Wins Fights with Traditional WING CHUN Technique

Jon Jones Wing Chun Cross-Stamp Kicks in MMA

Stomp kicks are effective in Self Defence as well as in mixed martial arts. You only have to look at any Jon Jones fight to see the effectiveness of his famous oblique (stomp) kick at his opponents’ knees. Yet this is a key kicking attack in Wing Chun, and often underestimated by many in the martial arts or self defence community.


3 Key Tips to OVERCOME FEAR & take a PUNCH

The London Wing Chun Academy

The fear of being punched is a common problem, particularly for beginners. After all, how can you fight well if you’re afraid of getting hit? Here are 3 KEY TIPS to overcome it.


1 Simple Trick to Punch Harder: SHOCKWAVE Power Comes from the Ground

It doesn’t matter what Martial Art you practice, what you need to know is that power comes from the ground. Get this right and you can deliver knockout punches or strikes in seconds. Regardless of how small you are.


How to Handle INSULTS & INTIMIDATION in a Fight

How to Handle Insults and Intimidation in a Fight

Chicken, Loser, Clown, you can say much worse to provoke a fight. We touched on the power of words in our video on Trash Talking in MMA. We call is the Psychological Warfare of Intimidation.