Self Defence Technique: Standing Rear Naked Choke Defence

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How do you stop someone using a choke to drag you off to another location? In fact, how do you defend the rear naked choke, while stopping your attacker from pulling you backwards and away? Well our short self defence video will explain everything you need to know for your complete self defence.  

Watch our video and follow our advice to gain some simple self defence techniques for complete beginners. Our self defence video shows a simple method to defend against the standing rear naked choke. What to do when your attacker ambushes you from behind you to choke and drag you off. The idea here, is to break free by rendering your attacker unconscious.


Step 1.

Requires you to loosen control of your neck from the strangulation. This requires that you remove the arm on the back of your head. To do this, you must reach over or around your head to find the arm that is locking your head into place. Once you’ve established contact with the attackers arm pull it off by twisting the knuckles or the wrist. Of course, you could grab the fingers in self defence, this would be equally as effective in controlling your attackers arm. The key point is that you use two arms to remove the attacker’s arm as soon as possible. Do not hesitate as there is minimum time before you will black out.

In hindsight, the best strategy is not to allow the arm to reach around your neck in the first place. However, we are discussing the worst case self defence scenario in which you have been ambushed from behind.    


Step 2.

Once you have loosened the arm around your neck, you must keep hold of it to prevent your attacker from using it again. In fact, keeping hold of it will allow you to control your attacker more effectively. In this situation, you simply have to keep hold of the arm against your chest, while pivoting to face behind you (see the second segment of the video). This will off balance your attacker and cause them to fall hard on the floor.

Key point here is that you place your leg behind the attacker’s leg. This will serve to trip them backwards. Essentially they will fall into the space that you create. Tripping an attacker is always effective, as that person will often hit their head of the floor, rendering themselves unconscious.


Step 3.

This is a simple counter to the attackers defence. If your attacker steps his leg out of the way to avoid the trip, then you have the option to throw your attacker over your shoulder. This is simply done by dropping to one knee. Note, the drop is more of a crouch in which you rest the knee or keep it close to the ground. You must not fall hard on your knee especially on solid concrete pavement. This will cause an obvious injury that may mean that you cannot run away from the ambush attack.  

As mentioned earlier, trips and especially throws are extremely effective as the attacker will fall very hard on the concrete. The objective is to cause a serious injury by dropping your attacker from a great height. The effect being incapacitating your attacker.


On Closing

Overall, use your attacker’s limbs against themselves. If they grab you then you can use the person’s arm against them. The individual is unlikely to punch you if you react quickly, in fact you must retake the element of surprise, and after all they have ambushed and surprised you.  

Of course, effective self defence is down to your ability to access the risks to your personal safety. Often this comes down to common sense and awareness of what is happening in your environment. So the next time you consider a shortcut down that dark alley, do yourself a favour and walk past it. Be safe, train hard, be smart.




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